Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where's AAA when you need them?

After an adventure of looking for leopards on a rainy afternoon, our Land Rover had a flat tire.

We took a gander at the landscape to see if any other jeeps where in the area. Nope. Dominic who was always on the cell phone chatting with the other drivers to find out where the animals were, couldn't find anyone else around us.

Hmmm, out of the vehicle we climbed, out into the Reserve, easy pickings for some predator. To top it off we were downwind of all those hippos.

It was very muddy and the jack was slipping. We kind of ventured out, staying close to the Land Rover, looking for a large flat rock (like we could outrun a lion if it decided to come after us!). Traipsing through a variety of animal poop and mud, Mark finally found a large enough rock for Dominic to use.

God is good, the tire was changed and no one had to push.

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