Monday, November 9, 2009

4-safari camp photos

Lisa enjoying a scrabble game on her iPod.

Anna with her MAC. Yes, I brought it with me so that I could download photos every night from my camera. We had electricity in the morning for about four hours, and then for about six hours in the evening. There were three electric lamps in the tent and then in the common bar area tent, there were two electric strips for recharging your camera batteries.

Lisa in the gift shop. Yup, a gift tent not a shop. A bit overpriced. If they cut the prices in half they could have made a mint. They took US Dollars and Kenyan Shillings. I didn't ask about British Sterlings (pounds and pence).

This is a Masai Tribesman. I don't believe this actual man guarded our tent at night, but some similar man did. They would stand out there with their spear, knife and stick, ready to take on the animals if necessary. Don't laugh. They kill one lion per year as a ceremonial right, and sometimes more if necessary. They do not go out and hunt just to kill, but kill if attacked. The Masai believe that all cows belong to them. So if a cow is stolen, they plan a raid, fight other tribes using arrows, maybe kill the men from the other tribe to get their cows back.

They wear red or bright orange because they say the color will keep the wild animals away from them. That is why you will see Masai out among all of the animals in the Mara, walking with their sheep, goats and cows, only carrying a stick, a spear and a knife.

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