Tuesday, November 10, 2009

5-additional safari photos

Birds, Africa has beautiful birds too. Three photos of birds for you before we get to the four-footed varieties.

A breasted lilac is a stunning bird, slightly smaller than a crow. Whenever we would ask our driver guide, Dominic, what something was, his reply, "We call that a blah blah blah," giving us the name. These were beautiful birds.

Didn't even think about ostriches being in Africa, but they were roaming the Mara with the rest of the animals. Saw a solitary ostrich here or there, they on the last day there was a herd of them.

Stork, this is not the kind of stork that we say everywhere, but now I don't know the name. They too were residents at the tent camp. Set your shutter speed high and let the bird fly into the frame and you should capture a nice shot.

Turtles are not birds, I know that. I don't know how someone saw this guy but when we stopped to check him out he became mobile and wanting to crawl under the car for shade. Dominic quickly moved the car so that we wouldn't run him over.

Pumbaa the warthog, well not really, but warthogs, yes we saw many warthogs. They are ugly except when they're really young. Even then I'm not so sure they're cute. Regardless, this photo is a group of them (called a sounder of warthogs) on the rocks in the river.

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