Thursday, November 5, 2009

and you thought squirrels on the roof were loud

All week long, Lisa and I have heard noises on the roof. Scamper, scamper, run, scratch. THUD. More scampering. We wondered if there were African squirrels.

Lisa was in the roof yesterday afternoon and heard the THUD and quickly looked out the window. Monkeys! Monkeys chasing each other just like the squirrels chase each other in the trees.

This morning the alarm went off at 6 am so that I could hit the magic switch to heat up the water for our showers. I climbed back into bed when we heard the noises again. Got the camera and ran to the window to see a black tail.

The monkey was back eating the fruit in the tree outside our window. Just like the squirrels, he would take about two bites and then throw the remains to the ground, then grab for another, two bites, down it went. I couldn't see him, just his little black arms reaching for fruit and then the results of the fruit dropping down.

Today is our last day at the conference center as we leave for Safari on the Masai Mara for the weekend. You probably won't hear from us until Sunday, maybe Monday.

Last night after dinner was a closing ceremony. Speeches, thank yous, songs, that sort of thing. Then an African choir came to bless our leaving. THEN the real celebration broke out. Oh my, 150 people dancing and singing and attempting to have rhythm. Wow, praising God in Swahili but all as one. The theme of the conference was "One in Word." That we are all brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of our circumstances and our differences.

We leave here with memories of conversations, with relationships built across country borders, but yet united in the word of Lord. Christian publishing is a grass roots movement in many parts of the world, larger in some areas, smaller in others. But these folks are out there spreading the Word. Lisa and I are humbled to have our part in their work.


  1. So glad everything is going well. Very impressive pictures.Can't wait to see the rest of them.

  2. Hey ! So good to see your photos again ! And the dancers ! Happy to stay out of the dancefloor :)