Monday, November 2, 2009

flora and fauna

The photography class went well. Thank you for your prayers. I had nightmares of no one showing up but had 15 to 20 people show up to learn. It was a good group, they laughed at my bad jokes and the photos of me with plants growing out of my head (photography tip #1 — make sure things in the background of your photo do not look like they are growing out of the top of your subjects' head).

Today, Lisa and I lead the first of two "Design for Non-Designers" workshops. We repeat both workshops on Thursday.

So, photos. You wanted photos. Here are a several photos for your enjoyment. Brackenhurst is a beautiful resort and Africa is an incredible place.

We don't what the yellow bird is, but the blue-black-purple-yellow bird is a Orange-breasted Sunbird. He and his song were beautiful.

There is a photo of our room included in case you were wondering if we were staying in a hut.

We couldn't add all the photos to this post. So watch out for round two and possibly three.

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