Monday, November 9, 2009

1-Safari camp photos

Lisa said that you will never see photos like this again. Why? She'll never camp again, ever. These photos are of our home for three days, Camp Ilekani, at Masai Mara, the national game reserve park in Kenya. The only thing separating us from the animals might be a fence and a Masai Warrior with a spear. Wowser. We had a great time and even adapted to the atmosphere. The only photos that I don't have are of the dining tent and the main room/bar tent.

I think I can only upload about five at a time, so watch for more!

We arrived in "the Mara" on a 12-seat puddle jumper. The airstrip had a terminal hut and bathrooms, but never saw a control tower.

The camp reception sign and then reception tent.

Should you care to visit us, here is one of the two public bathrooms. Yes, running hot water with flush toilets.

Lisa welcoming you to the east side of camp.

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