Wednesday, November 4, 2009

photos part 1

Since I can't post more than five photos at a time, I will do this in stages.

The conference took a cultural and social outing yesterday and we traveled through the Great Rift Valley and then to Lake Naivasha, a natural fresh-water lake in the Valley. The Valley is ringed in dormant volcanos making the soil very fertile in parts. The above shot is the Great Rift Valley, the mountain is a volcano. It is obviously hotter in the Valley then it is up on the Valley rim (were we are staying). Short sleeves for these midwestern girls, coats still for the Africans.

As we were traveling down the Canyon to the Valley, I hung my camera out the window just snapping away at a very fast shutter speed. I wasn't quite sure what I captured until last evening when I downloaded the images to the computer. Some of them were quite amazing. Any of the photos of the houses, the people and the countryside were blind, as in, who knew what would show up.

On the Rift Valley Road, we stopped at a place for a "kodak" moment. There were vendors and a very rickety viewing platform. Great colors for the fabrics and the buildings. Besides some of the normal shots, you get the Anna artistic shots.

Enjoy part one.

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