Tuesday, November 10, 2009

6-safari photos

The hyena are ugly and when they're around, watch out. They are forever on alert for food, either to kill, or to hijack some other animal's kill. They are mean and nasty.

The jackel are also out for a kill.

The last day on safari was messy. It had rained the night before and was still raining in the morning when we set out at 6 am to go trolling for animals. Dominic, our guide and driver, was a good driver, but also a bit of a maniac. When he wanted to show us something or cross some river, he took that Land Rover where no other Land Rover had gone before. This photo is of the tracks he left. It was the only time on safari that we were with a group of other vehicles checking out the animals. Sometimes there would be one vehicle, but not a bunch. When Dominic turned our Land Rover around I think we became the entertainment for the other tourists.

After all of the animal sightings, we were waiting for our plane to land so that we could climb aboard to head back to Nairobi. I caught three of my companions, including Lisa, snoozing.

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