Thursday, November 12, 2009

Before we leave London ...

Lisa and Anna's random thoughts, observances and things we are grateful for:

Africans are very kind, friendly people.

We have open invitations to Nepal, UAE, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, France, along with a few other places.

It was so incredible to be in one place meeting so many people from around the world — 150 attendees from 36 countries!

These publishers, writers and editors have incredible faith despite some very difficult circumstances in their countries.

One man, who found me (Anna) just to say good bye, ended with "remember to let the light of the Lord shine in you."

The three young designers who really wanted to know more, more and more.

Ugali, not so much (eastern African kind of food).

So many writers/editors complimented designers in general wondering how we did what we did. We turned the compliment back around because both of us truly appreciate the talents of our writer/editor types. We are so not writers.

Internet to keep in touch with our family and friends. Priceless.

The Egyptian Air cartoon unibrow guy demonstrating the proper technique for seatbelt usage. Very entertaining, especially after many, many hours of travel.

Egypt Air was a cultural eye-opener for us Midwestern girls.

Being brought to tears at the sight of zebras and giraffes at Lake Navaisha (Lisa) and the fact that we were only 50 yards from these creatures.

That our new French friend loved Lisa's joke about "ceci n'est pas une peep" when we showed him our peep's diorama.

We ate the African version of sopapillas (fried dough, no chocolate or honey).

Oh, fried dough is now pronounced as one word— friedough.

Lisa and her new friend, Nchimbi, from Tanzania. Nchimbi "cheered up" Lisa when she was looking blue, even though she wasn't. He made her laugh on the first day and all the other days too.

Amazingly beautiful flora at Brackenhurst.

The Masai provided hot water bottles in our beds every night at safari camp.

Masai guy outside our tent every night protecting us from whatever may be prowling.

Loved the wonderfully thick and soft blankets at both Brackenhurst and at the Safari Camp.

Laying in bed and looking out the tent windows at baboons. Surreal.

The sound of the birds in the morning.

How very dark it was in Africa at night, pitch black at the Safari Camp

George, who picked us up at one Nairobi airport, had dinner with us, took us to the international airport and told us all the procedures so we weren't surprised.

Lisa got the snot scared out of her by a lion — Anna took a photo of a male and female lion as the sun was setting. The flash went off and the male lion roared. Mark slammed his window shut quickly, everyone else jumped back, Lisa struggled to roll up her window. Dominic the driver had his window wide open and just laughed at us tourists. The lion had only given us a warning lunge but had stood his ground. Everyone needed to check their shorts.

God is so good.

For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. Colossians 1:9


  1. I like the first photo (3 red boys) ! Great job girl !

  2. Hung the camera out the window as we driving by the school. Fast shutter speed and hope for the best!