Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1-safari photos

What you've been waiting for ... actual photos from the safari not just of our tent camp. The blogger software only lets me upload five photos at a time, so hang in there and you'll see many posts with animals.

This first photo is so funny to me even though our guide, Dominic, did not get the humor. You drive around the Mara and there are no directional signs, no landmarks that make any sense, no real roads, tire tracks from where the jeeps have cut through the landscape to go see an animal. Then you stumble upon a sign like this. I laughed so hard because it made no sense.

There is a gatehouse in the middle of nowhere. It doesn't look like it divides anything from anywhere else, but it must. Regardless, we were at the Talek gate most of the time.

The landscape varies depending on where you are in the Mara. You'll see photos of what looks like the Kansas plains stretching out to nowhere, or you'll see croppings of trees and rocks or creeks.

This is a termite hill which is about five or six feet tall. Folks duck behind these to take care of necessary business. 'nuff said.

At the camp they come to your tent in the morning with a pot of coffee or tea with some biscuits at the same time that they are saying "hello, this is your wake-up call." Yup, a live wake-up call, not a phone call from the front desk. The best time for viewing the animals is early-squirrelly and then mid-afternoon. Because you go out early, breakfast is served on the road. We ate around the hood of the jeep. It was a very substantial breakfast of a hard-boiled egg, sausage, toast, gobs of fruit, passion fruit juice and then coffee or tea. Lisa took this photo for my mother, it was such a Norma kind of shot.

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