Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The magic switch

When Lisa and I arrived from the airport on Sunday, a shower and brushing our teeth is what we wanted most. But our room was not ready so we trotted off for breakfast and a fabulous cup of Kenyan coffee (it is the best).

Arriving at our home for the next week, a hot shower awaited. Ahhhh, you all know that feeling.

On Monday morning, I climbed in the shower and was greeted by ice cold water. And I mean cold. Quick wash up it was, and I warmed up by drying my hair.

Same thing on Tuesday morning.

Then I kind of remember an extra switch by the other switches. Lisa asked someone and yes, the magic switch! Turn it on about 30 minutes before you want hot water and voila! hot water in the shower.

The photo shows the series of switches outside of the toilet/shower area. The first two switches are for the lights, the middle switch is for hot water, and the last switch turns on the electrical outlet.

It's the little things that you learn along the way.

Yesterday was an incredible day. After the design class, we spoke to many folks who wanted to know more. There was a young man from Nepal who signed up for a private session with us so that we could critique his work. He had no formal training yet was producing a magazine as an outreach in his country. He is the writer, editor, designer and production specialist. I cannot speak to his writing ability because I cannot read his language, but his design skills are wonderful. Some tips, tricks, ideas and someone to bounce ideas off of would be all he needs. God has given him a gift. We were then invited to Nepal by his translator!

We had dinner last night with a publisher. He currently lives in England but is a Nigerian. He feels God is calling him back to his homeland to improve the state of Christian publishing. He wants to raise the standards so that more folks are attracted to the books and therefore the Word of the Lord. We were then invited to Nigeria too!

And this is a small world. I ran into a friend of a friend. Lisa met the sister of a man whom she goes to church with (and they are from Singapore).

Today is a day of rest and friendship. A class in the morning for most and then an outing to a Lake to enjoy a picnic lunch and some hiking.

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  1. Glad you found the magic switch! :)
    And thanks so much for posting about some of the people taking your classes . . . I had been wondering about your students--who they are and what they do . . .
    Blessings to you all.